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The historic shops of Lisbon

Shopaholics must go to Lisbon. The city is full of hidden gems that you won't find anywhere else. If you spot a fabulous art deco facade, step inside and see what treats lie within. You could find an old fashioned perfume shop selling scents for as little as 4 euros for a purse size bottle. Or a haberdashery packed full of ribbons, buttons, trims, materials and craft tools you never knew existed. Take a break in a bar with all its original 19th century interiors intact, drinking in the ambience and wondering who was there in days gone by.

Just be careful - behind this beautiful facade is a live peep show!

Portugal understands that these shops are worth keeping and give the city its unique charm. The 'Lojas com Historia' scheme ensures that they will be protected from the current wave of gentrification. You can find out more on the website here or ask me for my shopping tips when you pick up the van.

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