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Nestled in the foothills of its eponymous mountain range is Sintra, a city brightly adorned with royal palaces, castles, and landmarks. So precious is the region that the entire "Cultural Landscape of Sintra" is now deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This Portuguese gem maintains one of the most expensive and sought-after real estate markets on the entire Iberian peninsula, littered with luxury estates and indulgently adorned villas.


The Pena National Palace with its 19th-century radiance claims a hilltop overlooking the city and beyond, easily visible from Lisbon on a clear day. It once served as the summer palace of the royal family and is now considered one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

da regaleira

A gothic marvel

Quinta Da Regaleira is an early 20th-century estate that greets its visitors with an imposing intricate gothic facade. The real attraction, however, is the enchanting gardens beyond. It was built to be like something out of a fairytale, featuring a spiralling mossy well depicting the initiation ceremony for the Knights Templar.


The estate was built by the vastly wealthy Carvalho Monteiro, who wanted to construct a palace bearing marks and symbols that reflected his interests and ideologies.


This site mustn't be rushed and deserves the better part of a half-day being explored; you can easily spend an hour or two just trying to work out the garden puzzles.

cabo da roca

The edge of world


Cabo da Roca (Cape Roca in English) is the most westerly point of Europe. Sitting on a clifftop 150m above the ocean, this magnificent viewpoint allows you to experience the power of the Atlantic as you look out across its great expanse. Next stop: New York.

of the moors

Medieval fortifications


Following windings paths offering panoramic views encircling this cliff-top Moorish castle, built in the 8th century. 


Worth the climb for the amazing views on a clear day you can see more than 50 Kilometers.

natural park

A historical playground


Containing all these monuments is the Cascais Natural Park, 145 km² of pristine countryside, coastline, and architecture. Officially protected since 1981, this area near Lisbon is where we at VW Camper Rentals call home.


Come explore all the beaches, palaces, and stunning villages our home has to offer, like Azenhas do Mar, where you can chill out by a wonderful beach bar in the summer.



Antique granduer


Ornate 19th-century mansion with Moorish, Gothic & Indian influences, the gardns are what sets this palace apart. Much quieter than many of the other Sintra sites, and with plenty of parking

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