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& the atlantic

This little town about 40 minutes from Lisbon airport has become one of the most visited surf locations in Portugal. 


Based around a tiny fishing village of whitewashed houses, it has grown to be a lively surf town, with its 30+ surf breaks drawing nomads from far corners of the continent. 


Perched atop sandstone cliffs with a collection of high-quality seafood restaurants, Ericeira is popular with folks from Lisbon – or the wayward van driver – looking to sneak off for a weekend beach getaway.

world surf

The very first in Europe

Designated as a World Surfing Reserve in 2011 to protect the area from commercial development, the Ericeira reserve stretches 8km of coastline and comprises a series of world-renowned surf breaks. Almost every break has parking and camping spaces available, from Aires in town to rough parks outside.


Whatever your standard, there are over 30 surf schools in Ericeira catering to absolute beginners or more experienced surfers with tuition or guiding. Many schools are mobile, chasing the best waves up and down the coast.

There are a large number of surf shops in Ericeira stocking everything you need to get out there and riding.  

Learn to surf

The perfect place to learn


Ericeira has a large number of surf schools working all of the main beaches according to the conditions.  Pick a properly certified school to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Schools are advertised in the surf shops, at the beaches or from the surf museum in the town square.

the freshest

Straight out of the Atlantic & onto your plate


Boats from Ericeira bring hauls back to shore every day, meaing that the market always has the best fish available. The local restaurants prepare some of the greatest grilled fish dishes you'll ever taste.

get social

Out and about in Ericeira

There is a small yet lively surf and social scene in Ericeira and while it will never challenge the clubs of Lisbon in terms of grandeur, there's a good vibe all year round with a brief spell of madness in August as the Lisbon crowds move over to the beach towns.

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