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Time together

Be inspired with VW Camper Rentals

Do you remember going on road trips as a child, holding your hand out the car window and parting the wind as it rushed by?

Pulling up to the park, laying out the picnic blanket and feasting on sandwiches; getting excited about reaching the next beach town and running out onto the sand.

VW Camper Rentals was created for people that want to recapture that essence of youth, exploration, and wonder, including those that look to share it with their loved ones.

Escape to Portugal and explore it in your own way, in your own time, on a trip designed to your liking.


Most seaside towns have a designated area for wild camping as well as sites with facilities and power, and are ready to accommodate travellers for when they choose to settle down for the day.

White-sand beaches with turquoise seas, charming villages and delicious seafood are just some of the benefits to visiting the Vincentina coast. There is no better way to explore it than in a classic VW camper.

One of the best things about travelling up and down the stunning Portuguese coast is the incredible wildlife you’ll experience along the way. Portugal is great for dolphin and whale watching, so you may just catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures in action.


Like whales and dolphins, there are plenty of beautiful birds to spy as you travel across the Portuguese coast. There are even birdwatching tours that you can take part in, or you can set out alone to see what you can find.

in algarve

Navigate caves, lagoons, and sandy beaches along hidden sections of the coast. Cruise at your own pace, take a little something to eat, and throw a line in; you're bound to get a nibble.


Hidden between mountain slopes and stunning greenery, the Schist villages are one of Portugal’s best kept secrets for you to enjoy. These villages are remnants of the old world,  and can be found across four different areas of Portugal, some housing few people and some thousands – perfect for the wayward explorer.

Park up and strap on your boots for a calming coastal climb over the Portuguese hills. Not only will you feel at one with nature, you’ll also see some incredible views and find some of the world’s best photo opportunities.

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