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We are a bunch of dedicated VW camper enthusiasts who have decided to make our hobby into a small business. We want others to be able to get the same joy from driving and camping in these wonderful vehicles as we do.


In 2016 we bought a series of vans from a US desert junkyard and have been working to restore them ever since. Every VW camper has been completely rebuilt with new engines, gearboxes and mechanical components. 


We have lovingly reupholstered and rebuilt the interior, taking care to retain the style and charm that one would expect from a VW camper.  Each van has new electrics, a leisure battery, fridge, and a two-burner stove.


We are based just outside Lisbon in the national park, within sight of the beach yet under 40 minutes from the airport.

VW Camper hire Portugal

We want our passion to be your perfect gateway

We believe that a VW camper is a unique and magical way to explore all that Portugal has to offer. Our campervan hire has proven to be popular with new-generation travellers in recent years, looking to capture the same spirit of freedom and fun as those back in the 1960s and 70s.


The VW type 2 van started life in Germany in the 1950s, when Westfalia became the official converter of the Volkswagen van.


The concept of a camper for the everyman based on readily available and reliable VW chassis started a revolution in outdoor leisure. After a successful run of split-screen vans ending in 1967, Westfalia launched the bay window conversions based on the second generation van. 


All our vans are 1972 models and are the last of the bay window variety made in Europe, though production continued in Brazil until 2013.

of the T2 Camper van

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